Taking pet food primetime


We let the dogs out

Prime100, an Aussie pet food brand, were ready to take their brand primetime. Through our integrated approach, we delivered strategy, digital, content and creative production, right through to media buying and national campaign management.

Every brand and its dog

Australia’s pet food industry is a dog-eat-dog world. Prime100 competes against brands from global giants, including Colgate-Palmolive, Mars and yappy start-ups. As their strategic partner, we needed to give the brand some big-dog energy.

Off the leash

With ambitious growth targets, expanding product lines and international market entries, we rolled up our sleeves. Creating a visual language, we delivered campaigns that let Prime100 off the leash. We elevated the brand through a distinct style, emphasising their key product benefits, allowing Prime100 to stand out from the pack.

Best in show

Through strategic creative, content, digital and media efforts, Prime100 is becoming the best in show of Australian pet food brands. On their journey to becoming top-dog, we achieved campaign reach surpassing 25M, while reducing their cost-per-lead almost ten-fold. This resulted in pet food retailers begging for more after a 134% uplift in product sales from a single campaign.

Working with Guerrilla has been instrumental; they’ve adeptly translated our market research into a campaign tailored to resonate with our audience.

Simon Jordan

Global Marketing Director

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