Defining Doctor Who’s new era

Doctor Who

Giving a new Doctor a new digital home

As the first-ever female Doctor was busy constructing her sonic screwdriver, we were asked to build a fresh digital hub for her ever-growing, and increasingly diverse, fan base.

Exploring the Whoniverse

From Ace to Zoe, there is a whole galaxy of Doctor Who characters to discover. And through our ‘Explore’ experience, fans old and new could learn about them all.

An audience inspired

320,000 subscriptions in six months.

Guerrilla have been an essential partner and extension of our team for over eight years. Together as market conditions and technology have changed we’ve continually evolved and advanced our digital footprint. They have a deep understanding of our needs and ambitions and continue to deliver on both.

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Simon Clarke

Head of Digital Marketing and Websites,
BBC Studios (London)

Awards & Recognition

European Lovie Award 2018

2013 Amy Awards Finalist


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