Changing a brand, inside and out

Daifuku Airport Technologies

One world,
one brand

With multiple business divisions, clients in nearly every continent and offices spread out across the world, Daifuku truly is a global organisation. However, the Daifuku Airport Technologies group of companies needed to establish themselves as a single, united brand. A challenge the organisation handed over to us. And one we happily accepted.

A brand united

To define that single, united brand for Daifuku Airport Technologies, we immersed ourselves into their business and engaged with key stakeholders — across Europe, America, Japan, Australia and NZ. That way, we could develop something that not only represented their combined offering, but was also something each division and location could get behind.

The full service

Just like Daifuku Airport Technologies, we love delivering full, end-to-end solutions. So on top of refreshing and uniting their brand, we also provided services ranging from strategy, UX/UI design, code, print, copy, exhibition, photography and video production. In fact, there wasn’t a single brand experience left unturned.


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