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Creating the ultimate shared experience

With Village Roadshow responsible for multiple theme parks and attractions, we needed to create a cohesive brand experience across their portfolio — while still offering a thrilling customer experience.

Construction through collaboration

While we work in partnership with all of our clients, this was collaboration on a whole new level. In fact, we worked as an extension of Village Roadshow’s internal team. With an Agile approach, we quickly identified key challenges, while creating an online presence that authentically reflected the theme park experience.

75% revenue increase over 15 months

Our guests’ digital experiences have improved significantly. The websites are easier to use, more aesthetically pleasing, and more relevant... Our goal was to transform the guest journey with immersive, personalised, and frictionless experiences to facilitate more meaningful engagement — and thereby to increase our profitability. This project delivers 100% on that vision.

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Renee Soutar

General Manager of Marketing
Village Roadshow Theme Parks

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