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A campaign with customers at heart

Following the Scratch To Win success of 2021, GCA sought to launch a like-minded retail promotion that encouraged in-terminal spending. Yet this year, they were determined to go a step further. With customer satisfaction at the heart of their campaign, GCA aspired to achieve an average of 4–5 customer experience star ratings, as well as increase retail staff engagement.

Incentivising in-terminal shopping

Enter the ‘Golden Ticket’ giveaway – a digital competition we created to incentivise the airport shopping experience and encourage top-notch retail service. What’s more – we captured crucial customer data to further expand GCA’s email database. 
A gold star-worthy feat!

17,445 entries

The competition was a soaring success, with customer entries surpassing the previous year’s by 44%. Retailers were highly engaged too, resulting in an average 4.7/5 star customer rating.

They’ve been integral to several major brand and tactical initiatives across our many business units. Overall, their service, attention to detail, proactiveness and flexibility has been refreshing.

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Laura Hunt

General Manager Marketing
Queensland Airports Limited

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