Growing a citywide festival

Bleach* Festival

Building a brand a whole city could get behind

Today, Bleach* is the Gold Coast’s premier arts and cultural festival. But this wasn’t always the case. There was a time when Bleach* didn’t have a recognisable brand, let alone a strategy to communicate their offering. Fortunately, it was a problem we’d seen before.

Constantly evolving

Since Bleach* first launched in 2012, we helped the festival create, develop and evolve their brand. In fact, with each year delivering an entirely new program and vision, we collaborated with the Artistic Director to align the festival’s look and feel. Our granular, targeted strategies allowed us to deliver messaging across a range of digital platforms and traditional mediums.


In the nine years we worked with Bleach*, festival attendance grew every year, reaching 90,000 in 2019. With over 11 million total media reach, 1.485 million social media impressions, and 94,286 video views in 2019 alone, we know our work had an impact.

...they were immediately captivated and came back with an incredible vision that brought to life the strength and beauty of the works presented in this year's Festival program.

Bleached Arts logo

Louise Bezzina

Artistic Director

Bleach* Festival

Awards & Recognition

2018 Communicator Award

2018 AMI Awards State Winner

2017 AMI Awards State Winner

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