How UK Brands like BBC Studios are taking their marketing dollar further with an Australian agency

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In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, every brand needs to stand out to succeed. But it’s not just about being creative and innovative. Cost and efficiency matter too. That’s where working with an Australian agency can offer UK businesses cost-efficient services without compromising on quality. Let’s explore how this kind of model can be a game-changer for UK brands looking to stretch their marketing budgets further.

Save on delivery costs – the Aussie advantage

New ways of working have become embedded in the post-pandemic world, and many UK businesses are streamlining their operations to ride out any economic headwinds. It’s no secret that the cost of web developers and marketing professionals is rising, but did you know that UK brands can offset their delivery costs by working with an Australian-based agency? Companies like BBC Studios embraced this opportunity over a decade ago and have been reaping the rewards ever since.

One of the biggest advantages of working with Aussie agencies is the favourable pound-to-dollar conversion rate. Based on the latest exchange rate, the Australian dollar is worth around 0.51 GBP, making it a cost-effective option for UK businesses to stretch every pound further.

Around-the-clock productivity

You might think that working with a team on the other side of the world would be difficult, but think again. Timezone differences make for an effective 24-hour work cycle, meaning that while you’re sleeping, your Aussie agency is hard at work bringing your projects to life.

Thanks to modern communication tools, regular weekly meetings and presentations are now easy. Time differences no longer pose a problem, as everyone can participate and contribute.

And, in light of the Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement, this around-the-clock approach is particularly advantageous for UK brands looking to expand their international reach and enter the Australian market.

Navigate offshoring with cultural confidence

Choosing to work with an Aussie agency brings the added comfort of cultural kinship. UK businesses can find a partner that not only speaks the same language, but also shares a common heritage, humour and way of working. This natural understanding outperforms offshore models from regions where communication and cultural differences may present challenges.

This shared history ensures a smooth onboarding and cooperation process, eliminating potential hiccups that can disrupt efficiency. Meanwhile, the trust formed through common legal and business norms makes for a secure and advantageous collaboration.

A global client portfolio

At Guerrilla, we have a powerhouse portfolio that spans Australia and the globe, including international brands like BBC Studios, BBC Earth, Doctor Who, Bluey, Daifuku and Vertala (previously TVT Media). We’ve worked on some of these partnerships for over a decade, which is a true testament to our approach founded on trust, transparency and results. 

As a full-service agency with services spanning strategy, creative, content, media and technology, we partner with select clientele to help them achieve their goals. Our years of experience working with international brands have taught us a thing or two about building successful relationships. It’s why we understand the nuances of different cultures and time zones, and have developed processes to ensure that communication is always crystal clear.

And our clients’ success stories speak for themselves. We’ve provided services that have delivered exceptional results, from boosting brand awareness and crafting award-winning digital experiences, to increasing engagement rates, revitalising brands and more. Our secret sauce? A perfect blend of strategy, creativity and technology.

If you’re a UK-based brand open to exploring innovative and efficient ways of working, connect with us today.

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