Meet Jovana, our travel-loving, relationship-building Account Director

— Our People — Meet Jovana, our travel-loving, relationship-building Account Director

Say hello to Jovana Saul — Guerrilla’s uber-talented Account Director. In three short years, Jovie has had an unmistakable impact on our agency and culture. Her client management expertise and team-building prowess has seen her quickly rise up the ranks to become one of Guerrilla’s most integral team members. We recently sat down with Jovie to talk all things agency-life, from her background abroad to her unique stress-handling techniques.

Tell us about your role at Guerrilla and your professional background leading up to it.
I started working in a digital agency straight out of university, initially as a social media manager, before moving into a marketing automation role — that was a big focus for me for quite a few years. I then joined Guerrilla almost three years ago as an Account Manager. I was responsible for managing projects, as well as some of our client relationships. I recently moved into the position of Account Director, which has added a whole new dimension to my role. I now support and manage our entire client services team.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your job?
I love working as a team to resolve problems and develop ideas. Everyone here is super supportive of one another and wants to contribute. On the client-side of things, I love seeing their reaction to those very ideas, strategies, projects and campaigns that we create. It’s rewarding when they view our partnership as an extension of their own team — that’s really what it’s all about.

When it comes to team productivity and maintaining open channels of communication, do you have any advice?
It’s extremely important to prioritise activities on a daily basis, and I always aim to focus on three-five tasks to avoid unnecessarily wasting time. I’m also a strong believer in the importance of face-to-face communication. Online tools are helpful, but it’s important to get together, ask questions and work out problems in person. It’s far too easy to hide behind a screen, and I’m fortunate to work in an environment that has a great culture of communication.

When you feel overwhelmed or stressed, what do you usually do?
Rub lavender oil on my temples and hope for the best. Kidding! I actually really value mindfulness techniques that involve controlled breathing. It’s easy to get caught up in the little things. So I try to stop, think about the big picture and come up with a creative solution. Most of the time, I find the best thing to do is just talk to your teammates — they’re always there to help and offer some advice.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt over the course of your career?
Dream big, start small. Set realistic goals — a lot of people have grandiose ideas, but actually getting to them is costly and exhausting. Look for small wins and take small steps towards your larger goals.

If you could give one piece of marketing advice to someone starting their own business, what would it be?
Know exactly who your audience is, what they’re about and what they need.

What’s one thing about your culture and/or background that you wish more people knew?
I’m originally from Serbia and left home when I was 18 to study abroad in another continent! I actually lived and worked in the US for five years.

What’s your biggest passion outside of work?
Definitely travelling. I absolutely love exploring new places and I’m always dreaming up my next adventure, whether it’s somewhere across Australia or abroad.

What’s your favourite thing about Australia?
The country’s natural beauty. I’m not only living in my dream destination, but I’m also constantly exploring it. I’ve actually become a really ‘outdoorsy’ person since moving here.

What social media channel is your favourite and why?
I’m a very visual person, so it’s definitely Instagram.

Interviewed by Živilė Mikalauskaitė, Content and Testing Coordinator

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